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Can You Use Deadly Force to Defend Yourself?
You hear someone trying to enter you house at night. You are accosted by a threatening stranger on the street. In these frightening situations, are you allowed to use deadly force to protect yourself? It depends on where you live. Laws differ from state to state. What may be considered self-defense in ... Read more

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Were you arrested ? Were you charged ? The employee statements to the police are crucial. The review of the video is crucial. The question is whether there was 'reasonable suspicion'to stop and questi ...Read more

You should make a detailed written record of what you saw happen with the authorities at the facility. If you are unhappy with the investigation and recommendations, you can file a written complaint w ...Read more

You need to address the criminal case against you in Newark, NJ. We can help you with this case. We do criminal cases. Please call to discuss. Ed Dimon 732-797-1600 ext 235

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Black officer in Pocomoke City alleges retaliatory termination

Franklin Savage, a former police officer in Pocomoke City, Maryland, has filed a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging that he was terminated for complaining about a meeti ... Read more

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Last week, a federal judge’sdecision rejectedthe argument of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) that the Court should not rule on whether the ADA exclusion of gender identity disorder is uncon ... Read more

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