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Elimination of Racial Discrimination Day
  International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is March 21 of each year It was established by the United Nations in 1966 to serve as a call to all nations to stamp-out all forms of racial discrimination Get involved by participating in an activity in your community or by starting an ... READ MORE

Federal Government Settles with Black Farmers
Update According to the Associated Press, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is offering $1.3 billion to settle discrimination lawsuits filed by female and Latino farmers against the USDA. The lawsuits were filed about 10 years ago and claim USDA officials denied women and Latino farmers the same ... READ MORE

Judge Refuses to Wed Interracial Couple
For over 40 years, interracial couples in the US have been able to marry. In 1967, the US Supreme Court prohibited race-based limitations on marriage in the landmark case, Loving v. Virginia. In this unanimous decision, the court ruled that under the Constitution, "the freedom to marry, or not marry, ... READ MORE

US Settles Native American Farmers Suit
In all things, fairness is everything. An even playing field creates opportunities, competition, and success. It's a cornerstone of the American way of life. And it's instilled in our laws. Farmers Sue Eleven years ago, a group of Native American farmers filed a class action lawsuit against the US government. ... READ MORE

Beauty Queen Sues for Religious Discrimination
Former Miss California Carrie Prejean sued beauty pageant officials for religious discrimination. ... READ MORE

Discrimination Lives on at Schools
The US Supreme Court ordered the desegregation of US public schools nearly 60 years ago, but discrimination hasn't been eliminated from our schools. ... READ MORE

Discrimination Laws Try to Keep Up with the Times
Federal anti-discrimination laws strive to keep pace with our evolving society, with some successes and sputters. ... READ MORE

Disney's Segway Saga
A lawsuit against Walt Disney World was dismissed because the plaintiffs didn't show that Segway use was protected under discrimination laws. ... READ MORE

Access to Courts by Americans with Disabilities
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates nondiscrimination based on disability in state and local government services, programs, and activities. State and local courts are subject to the provisions of the ADA. State and local courts are required to modify policies and procedures to prevent ... READ MORE

Arguments for and against Affirmative Action
Schools and businesses have discriminated against minorities and women for many years. This discrimination caused an unfair advantage to white males in education and employment. The federal and state governments have attempted to stop this discrimination. Many of the laws are based around affirmative ... READ MORE


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You should contact an employment attorney who handles discrimination and harassment cases. Many attorneys offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee.   Ohio hostile work environment ...Read more

Dear Anoymous, If you believe you have been the victim of housing discrimination, I would encourage you to contact the Fair Housing Center of Central Indiana (FHCCI) and discuss your situation with o ...Read more

You may make a claim of age discrimination with the Texas Workforce Commission. Their process will determine whether you have an enforceable claim.

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Philadelphia discrimination lawyers report that women working in male-dominated careers generally experience higher levels of stress and more health problems than women working in more integrated fiel ... Read more


The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) of 1978 was enacted to protect women from discrimination in the workplace on the basis of childbirth, pregnancy, or any related medical conditions. The act is pa ... Read more

Transgender Man Wins Sex Discrimination Case in Louisiana Federal Court

Earlier this month, an arbitrator found in favor of a young transgender man who alleged he was fired from his job as a manager trainee at a financial institution after he refused to sign a written sta ... Read more


Often in employment lawsuits, employers try to hide damaging information during the course of “discovery,” which is the process where the employee can request information from the employer ... Read more


Congressional leaders are in heated arguments over a proposed bill that would protect religious freedom, but could also allow members of the LGBT community to suffer legal discrimination. The proposed ... Read more

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