Gay and Lesbian Rights

LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender) Rights law is the branch of law that covers civil rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. It also covers discrimination and refers to unfair treatment based on sexual orientation, or perceived sexual orientation that is protected by some federal laws and many state nondiscriminatory laws. Unfair treatment that occurs in the workplace, housing, public accommodations, education, voting rights, or criminal process may implicate anti discrimination laws, such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Fair Housing Act, and the Voting Rights Act. Please read on to learn more about LGBT discrimination. You can search for a Civil Rights lawyer or attorney and access more information below.

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Can school officials search my child's text and voice messages on her cell phone?
in nj Can school officials search my child's text and voice messages on her cell phone?
The police entered my house with a search warrent looking for drugs and found nothing. Don't they ha
The police entered my house with a search warrent looking for drugs. Don't they have to have a reason other then me throwing out my daughters ex- boyfriend who I caught selling drugs around my house and told him to never come back to my house. I threw him out and went to the police myself about him. Neither me nor my wife have a record, I'm 50 years old and probably the last speeding ticket I received was over ten years ago. A few months ago they arrested my daughter and her ex-boyfriend with less then 50 grams of pot and he had some other drugs on him...not sure what they were but has nothing to do with me. He wanted her to take the blame for that so he could get off so I feel this is his way of getting back at her..They did find my daughter with a couple grams of pot in a pipe and pressed charges against her. Still, I'm the home owner who has never been in the least bit of trouble. To have a search warrent issued and excuted is very disturbing....Please advise
why wasnt he now arrested
my upstairs neighbor boyfriend kicked my disable mother door in the police came and did nothing i was told to go to police early sunday morning to make a complaint and then they would come out and arrest him doesnt seen right cant sleep
do I need a lawyer?
On October 18, 2014 our vehicle was hit and run for the 5th time while parked in front of our home. This last accident was caused by a drunken neighbor at 3:30 AM who totaled my car, fled the scene of the accident, returned home down the street, called the police and attempted to turn this accident in as if he had been hit and run in front of his own home. Fortunately, the police were already at the scene when he called in to the station and was caught once the officer found my tail light sitting on his windshield wiper. Unfortunately the suspect was never taken into custody despite the evidence against him. The story gets very involved and in short the police lied to us and issued no tickets to the suspect until we threatened to filed a internal investigation. Nobody's ever charged.
downstairs tenant smoking
Hello, me and my husband and daughter rent th upstairs of a unit.I do not smoke but downstairs neibors do.They smoke and there company.It comes up our heat vents and into our baby granddaughter also lives in our house.we have went so far as to shut off the heat vents and freeze.during these winter months because we dont want to breathe second hand smoke..this is driving me crazy and I dont know wat to do.
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