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Same Sex Marriage and Divorce
Update It went down to the wire but New York passed a gay marriage law. This makes New York the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage. It remains to be seen if this is the tipping point for gay rights nationwide. Almost immediately afterward, seven gay couples announced they would sue the state of ... Read more

Washington DC Recognizes Same Sex Marriages
The District of Columbia now recognizes same-sex marriages performed elsewhere under a new law that took effect July 7, 2009. The new law gives marital status to gay and lesbian couples who were legally married in other states and countries. Currently, same-sex marriages are permitted in six states - ... Read more

Same Sex Date Brings an End to Senior Prom
Update The Itawamba County School District in rural Mississippi agreed to pay $35,000 to settle a discrimination lawsuit filed the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on behalf of Constance McMillen, a gay teen who wasn’t permitted to bring her girlfriend to the high school prom. The District cancelled ... Read more

Domestic Partnerships: What Protections Exist?
What are your options when you want to protect your partner but the law hasn't caught up yet? ... Read more

eHarmony Settles Same Sex Class Action Lawsuit settled a lawsuit claiming that it discriminated against gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual people. ... Read more

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I think the person you hire to do the private autopsy, who can review the state's autopsy would be the person best qualified to see whether there were issues in terms of  negligent care. You may ...Read more

i'm not aware of any such requirement to provide legal services to the mentally ill.  however, there is always an opprtunity to have a public defender appointed, or to get pro bono legal counsel. ...Read more

If you can establish that the attack was unwarranted, then there is a possibility of a lawsuit. Other factors includes how long ago it occurred and whether anyone was charged criminally and the result ...Read more

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