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Critics of state voter identification laws see them as an intentional tactic to disenfranchise young, elderly, minority and poor voters. On the contra ... read more
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The Voters Right Act Addresses Discrimination in Voting Laws
The Voting Rights Act (VRA) enforces the Fifteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. President Lyndon Johnson signed it into existence in 1965. Although the original Fifteenth Amendment allowed freed slaves to vote, many Southern states immediately adopted rules and laws to make this difficult. Over ... Read more

Voting Rights: Language Requirements
The United States is a melting pot, rich in many cultures. Historically, this has prevented some citizens from voting. When they don't understand the language of the majority, they can't fully understand the voting process. They can't read ballots. They can't easily communicate a need for help. Over ... Read more

Voting Rights: Proof of Identity
Technically speaking, the right to vote is not a civil right. The U.S. Constitution does not specifically give citizens the right to go to the polls and elect their leaders. The U.S. Constitution mentions voting to the extent that it prohibits the denial of voting rights to certain classes, such as women ... Read more

Voter Photo ID Laws
Critics of state voter identification laws see them as an intentional tactic to disenfranchise young, elderly, minority and poor voters. On the contrary, supporters say that the laws are needed to combat voter fraud. ... Read more

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