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can I fight the court fee's when my ticket was dismissed

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I got a ticket on my car one morning, placed on my windshield, car was parked in front of my house, car is not been used, for mechanical problems, so; I didn't renewed my registration, the inspection sticker is past due, i'm selling the car as is,somebody might want to fix it. ticket was for $54 went to court, prosecutor dismissed the ticket, but; he said I have to pay court fee's $33. My question is, does motor vehicle called the cop's on me? they are so; hungry for money, or is that abuse of power from MV/ police. I wasn't even driving, if ticket was dismissed they still get you with $33 court fee's witch I think still a robbery, the system is rigged against lower class people
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Answered on Mar 13th, 2017 at 11:18 AM

Even if a ticket gets dismissed, that doesn't mean they necessarily can't charge court fees. In fact, I would assume that was part of the actual agreement. If you fought the ticket and won, then you might have a case against court fees being imposed. Motor vehicles does not call the police, except in cases where motor vehicles suspends a person's license for failure to have insurance or some other reason. In that case, a notice would be on their computer website, and police would know if it when they do things like license checks.

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