Can I sue my land lord do to neglect ?

Asked on May 27th, 2015 on Civil Rights - New York
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I moved in to my apartment over a year a go. My land lord refused to contact me on phone calls of condition of apartment. I have black mold in my bath room, fighting bed bugs, cracks in my walls and ceiling due to gods knows what. I have a 2 year with lead poison, and Im pregnant. No knowledge of lead paint til now and when asked about bed bugs he refused to admit of the problem
Answered on Jun 01st, 2015 at 12:35 PM
Your landlord has a legal obligation to keep your apartment habitable, and that includes fixing the conditions you listed. You can start an action (or hire a lawyer to start an action) to force him to make the repairs. You may be entitled to a rent reduction if the conditions are serious enough and you can prove he ignored your requests for a significant time. If the lead poisoning can be linked to paint used in the apartment, you may have a serious lawsuit on behalf of your child, as well.
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