Do I have a case against my childrens school?

Asked on Mar 13th, 2017 on Civil Rights - New York
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I am looking for a lawyer who may be able to deal with a situation I have been trying to handle humbly and has gotten me nowhere. I feel as if my children are not safe in the school they attend. The Principle does nothing to change it. Last year my daughter 9yrs old at the time,broke her toes, I was not notified, no nurse report was filed. The school made the situation seem not that big of a deal. My son now 6yrs old has been bullied, nothing has been done. Now on Friday at dismissal I pick them up and my son has a busted lip. No phone call was made, no nurse report. To make matters worse, the students were in the gym without adult supervision. Only 2 highschool students. I have tried numerous time to transfer my children out of this school with no success. Have been to the BOE and have been told that the school is missing paper. What can I do? I don't feel safe. My children don't feel safe.
Answered on Mar 17th, 2017 at 10:23 AM
If your children are injured at school, you must serve a notice of claim on the school board within 90 day of the injury, and start a lawsuit within one year and 90 days of the injury. If your son has been continually bullied, you may also have a case against the school, depending on the severity, which is often determined by whether your son needed outside therapy. Although you dont have an action against the school for the busted lip, you should let the school board know about the incident, and the details of the failure to supervise. If you want to switch schools but the BOE says you're missing paperwork- give them the paperwork. 

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