Hello, I am a college educated, employed, home owner who has ended up in the DHS shelter system. Seeking an advocate who knows the DHS system well.

Asked on Nov 09th, 2017 on Civil Rights - New York
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My home and life are in the Queens/Long Island area. They have placed me in a shelter in Brooklyn and without reason refuse to give me a transfer to a shelter in Queens that is walking distance of my job. I've visited said shelter and they are happy to have me. But present shelter maintains they "don't give transfers". I've also been robbed at this shelter and recently had another incident where I suspect they may have entered my locker while I was at work and actually misplaced two personal items. The commute to work a hardship (either 4 trains or two trains into Queens after traveling through half of Brooklyn and Manhattan), the commute is so long I must purchase breakfast and lunch; when requested a meal plate be left for me for dinner, on a number of occasions I've arrived at shelter from work only to find no dinner plate was left for me. I now eat all my meals out. They have an emit an attitude that I have no rights/say as to where I am placed.
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Answered on Nov 12th, 2017 at 3:06 PM
I am sorry for your heartbreaking and shameful situation- not shameful for YOU, but shame on the system that forces a working, educated person to live in a shelter because of the insane cost of housing. The question is, why is nobody helping you to find affordable housing?  You don't want a transfer to a shelter- you want an affordable apartment (or share) in Queens or Western Nassau within a reasonable distance from your job. Look on Craig's list- especially in Nassau, homeowners are always looking for tenants or housemates to help them cover the exhorbitant cost of living on Long Island- and you're exactly what landlords want- a person with a JOB who is out of the house all day. There is a reasonably priced bus system that goes from Nassau to Jamaica so you can avoid the astronomical LIRR. If this is out of your price range, this is still not a situation that requires a lawyer- you need a social worker who can point you in the direction of organizations that can help you get affordable housing, subsidized, if you qualify, and any other assistance you're entitled to that will lead you to a PERMANENT home- not a shelter.  

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