I voluntarily went to the hospital and was involuntary committed for a 72 hour hold. I was not a danger to myself or others, is that legal?

Asked on Jun 04th, 2017 on Civil Rights - Tennessee
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I was agitated and questioned the care I was receiving. I questioned their desire to treat me with kindness and compassion. When I questioned the second blood draw, the doctor came in and said "That's enough out of you! You're committed! One more word and I'll strap you to the bed and drug you!" before he even had the results of my tests, or finished running the others he had ordered. They forced Ativan on me before transport. I am having a hard time finding a lawyer that will help me dispute this and the bills are not going to pay themselves. I am insured, no criminal record or drug history, stay at home mother and now have DCS investigating me because of this. I was released after the hold was up with no treatment needed from the facility I was transferred to. I am now completely traumatized by this and am having a hard time even letting my husband give me a hug. I am worried about the doctor doing this to someone else and want to clear my name. Can I do anything about this legally?
Answered on Jun 04th, 2017 at 8:02 PM
There is no legal issue here that you need the services of an attorney for. I assume that you went to the hospital voluntarily because you had psychiatric issues that you needed help for. When you go to  a hospital for psychiatric issues and a doctor determines that you might be a danger to yourself or others, the law gives the doctor to the authority to involuntarily commit you and provide short term psychiatric treatment until the danger has passed. This is what happened. I would not worry about the doctor. I hope that you are able to get treatment for whatever issues that you had in the first place that caused you to go to the hospital to seek medical help.
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