My husbands life has been threatened, some guys put a hit out on him. I want to be sure he is safe, I want him moved from there. HELP

Asked on Sep 17th, 2017 on Civil Rights - Arkansas
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My husband is incarcerated at the East Arkansas Max Unit in Brickeys AR. I have called the prison and spoke with a captain and the chaplain. They said he is ok but he keeps calling me trying to get help, no one has checked on him. He is in isolation but he says ge can hear these guys working on stuff to preprare for what they are going to try and do. He said he could hear them say they will even take hostages if needed. This is not something to ignore. I know my husband is there for a reason but he shouldn't have to be there and feel like his life is threatened. How might I get him transferred from there.
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Answered on Oct 02nd, 2017 at 8:31 AM
Be sure that the warden has written notice that there is a specific threat to your husband. Do this repeatedly until your husband is moved. Notice of a specific threat raises the degree of care a prison must excercise to protect an inmate.

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