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My question is can I sue for the remodel as well as the security deposit??

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I remodeled an old barbershop that was attaches to my apparently building with the idea that I would be able to get the house on a rent to own basis so I wanted to rent out the business in the mean time she told me that during this process she could not sell once we leased it up but once I did that one month later she said she wanted to keep her options open to other buyers. I told her I didn't want to open a shop in a building that was for sale and she told me she would sell to only investors. A women came to look at the house and she was a hair dresser. That is exactly what I didn't want to happen and she completely went back on her word! There was nothing in writing but I have receipts etc from doing this remodel also now she is trying to withhold my security deposit ! My question is can I sue for the remodel as well as the security deposit??
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