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Vehicle Safety Checkpoint New Jersey

2 Answers. Asked on Jun 15th, 2017 on Civil Rights - New Jersey
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I was stuck in 20 min of traffic today while one cop blocked half the road stopping cars. he never approached my window but the car two ahead of mine was pulled to the side. This irritated me so much I called the local police stations non-emergency line so report the incident. The operator said it was a "Vehicle Safety Checkpoint". How is something like that legal? It inconveniently hindering motorists and in my opinion is another excuse to stick there head into every car on the road. I'm in the process of writing several letters to the township, congressmen and senator. I'm looking for advice on how to word the letter to seem the most persuasive. Several points that struck me as complete suspect I named above, but also the shear waste of both government resources to have the one clown cop out there doing essentially nothing, and the cost of companies needlessly held up in such occurrences. Any words would be helpful. Thank you.
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Answered on Jun 16th, 2017 at 8:50 AM

The police use these "checkpoints' for DUI and for "safety evaluations'. The policy has been upheld by the courts. In reality, the 'checkpoints' do produce DUI convictions and safety viloations including 'suspended license' or 'suspended registrations'. We defend the accused every day. The policy is similar to 'wellness checks' if person is at home and neighbor believes person is 'troubled'. We had shooting and death following this policy. Ed Dimon 732-797-1600

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Answered on Jun 16th, 2017 at 6:18 AM

I know this kind of thing can be annoying and frustrating but you really have no idea what the "safety check" was all about.  It could have been the result of an Amber or Silver alert - meaing a missing child, or vulnerable elderly person.  The police could have been alerted that a car jacking occurred or some other thing.  Yes, there could have been just a random license and registration check, which might seem like a waste of time, but try to give the police the benefit of the doubt, and think there might have been some larger, very legitimate reason.  

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