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What can we do about a meat dumpster lowering the quality of our lives?

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There is a meat store smack dab in our back yard. They never close the doors on it as we've asked them numerous times. My husband has to go over and do it himself several times a day. Even with doors closed tho it has made it so we cannot spend time on our own yard. They have placed the dumpster in arms length of our kids play area. Now it's gotten worse and the horrible stench of rotting meat flows all the way up to our front yard and even into our living room so we can't have our windows open either. Our quality of life has gone way down and is making us miserable.
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Answered on Aug 17th, 2017 at 7:39 PM

This isn't a civil rights case- it's a nuisance case, at best. First find out if the store is violating any state or local laws by disposing of meat in the way you describe and if so, file complaints. You can also call the USFDA for an inspection- if enough nasty things are going on inside the meat store, who knows. You may shut them down or get them to clean up their act, inside and outside, for good. And if not, you may be able to sue them for private nuisance and maybe public nuisance, if this impacts other neighbors as well.

If, however, it turns out that this meat store is doing absolutely nothing in violation of the law, there may be little you can do. I assume the area is zoned for mixed residential/commercial use, so the existence of the store (or at least of the commercial space) in such proximity to your house was not a secret when you bought it. It might be a good time to sell.   

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