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what type of attorney would I need to assist an inmate who is not receiving the proper medical treatment?

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my spouse is currently incarcerated and has had a long term spinal cord injury prior to being incarcerated in a federal prison. He is not receiving the proper medication and the facility is not capable of giving him all of the medications that he requires. They have all of his medical records showing everything that he requires and they are not abiding by the Dr.'s recommendations to transfer him to a medical facility. The request was denied. His health in general is declining and he is not able to ambulate. His ambulation was already limited prior to the incarceration but has declined tremendously. He is currently in a wheelchair and he is not receiving any physical therapy to help with his mobility.
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Answered on May 17th, 2017 at 9:24 AM

your husband may have a federal civil rights case. More facts would be needed 

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